Our volunteering experience had three main phases; a construction project plastering a wall, teaching in a government school, and teaching in a private school. I enjoyed the variety of experiences, as well as the chance to see different areas of Nepal from city to village. VSSN provided an excellent introduction to Nepal with cultural and linguistic lessons, which really were superb. I have never enjoyed formal language lessons so much! The support continued throughout our time in Nepal, so we never felt isolated. We stayed with two families, who were hospitable and had fantastic cooking skills. I am a convert to Dahl Bhaat, and plan to export this to England! I was fairly apprehensive about teaching as I had no formal teaching experience. In practice however, I hardly had any problems, and really enjoyed the experience. The children were much more cooperative than I had expected and, I hope, enjoyed the experience as well! If I get the opportunity again, I would love to come back!

Mr. John Bayley, Bookham, Surrey, UK.

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