Maia and Nat My friend Natalie and I spent a month at the Primary health care clinic in Chapagoun a suburb of Kathmandhu. From our very arrival the staff at VSSN were there to help us to get settled, answer our questions and ensure our transition to Nepal went smoothly. Natalie and I had worked as nurses in Canada for one year (in Cardiology and Neurosurgery respectively) but we had much to learn about primary health care nursing in a Nepali community. The staff at the clinic soon involved us in the pre-natal checkups, immunization clinics, outpatient department and deliveries. Our days were also spent outside the clinic, as we assisted at the outreach posts and visited schools that were implementing sanitation and health education programs. As we had an interest in the Nepali health care system we were shown around area hospitals and even taken on the staff fact-finding trip that visited health care centers throughout the Chitwan region. The language barrier was overcome by the infinite patience of the Nepali people as we used our newly-learned phrases backed up by the ever so useful pantomime! Besides that, many of the clinic staff and our host family were fluent in English which allowed us to ask endless questions about Nepali culture, religion, healthcare, etc. Overall everyone from the clinic, from VSSN and from our host family went above and beyond to ensure we had an interesting volunteership and a great experience in Nepal. I will forever remember the early morning chiya before our walks (getting in shape for trekking), trying to eat dhal bhat Nepali style much to the amusement of the family’s children (as we gave ourselves rice and lentil facials) and the hundreds of kindnesses that we encountered every day by Nepali people that will stay in our hearts and minds forever.

Maia and Nat, Canada

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