Sarah David Hi all! I’m very happy to give you my feedback on my time in Nepal.

The first days in Kathmandu were great. The routine of Nepali classes in the morning and sight seeing in the afternoon helped me a lot to settle down and to feel at ease. Then I was sent to this amazing and beautiful area in the south of the Kathmandu valley where I stayed for 4 months. The family made me feel at home immediately. The food they served was very good and healthy. They made sure I missed nothing. The house in itself had a TV, a bathroom etc…

I volunteered as an assistant in a public school where most of the kids are from deprived households. I helped the teachers with English, Maths and other activities…

Teaching English was a bit challenging (be prepared to have loads of ideas for games, like for example the hangman). I preferred the lessons when I was only assisting the teacher, showing him or her learning methods and the different ways how I learned English myself…

The kids were little monsters at times, but that’s what made me love them even more. They are so lively and have hearts of gold.

Then I and other volunteers bought sport equipments. We played volley ball and badminton with the children. The real fun started at that very moment! I also enjoyed taking part in the numerous religious festivals. I learnt a lot on religions, Asian History and cultures, and was really impressed by the Nepali way of life. The most difficult moment of my volunteering experience was actually to come back to Europe. Both worlds are so different. I felt lost. But now that I’m settled back, I feel really proud to have done it. I gained both confidence and many good memories. I benefited so much from this trip! I hope the kids enjoyed their time with me as much as I enjoyed it with them.

My wish is that more people can discover how incredible volunteering can be or just simply discover Nepal in a real Nepali environment.

Feel free to check the blog I created; it’s kind of a diary where I uploaded photos:


Don’t be scared, go for it!

Sarah David, France

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