Agnieszka Jochlik Hello Matrika!

Thank you for hour help, hospitality and everything you did for me. Nepal was the greatest experience in my life! If I didn't have my own child and family, I would stay there longer! I felt fantastic in my host family, I was really lucky! And the students at schools were lovely and nice. At Emerald's school I loved lessons with the students-they are so clever! But I didn't feel well there. At Kalpana's school I felt like one of them. LIke at home. I'd like to ask you ab sth.I talked to my headteacher and the mayor of my town about Kalpana's school. We would like to start some cooperation with them. At first I'd like the students to chat or exchange e-mails. I will choose about 10-20 pupils (???) to exchange e-mailis ( I will write the subject-e.g at first - my country - geography 2. my family 3. my free time etc) Later they can do some summary what they have learnt in my and Nepali school. Is it possible? My next idea is connected with money. We'd like to help this school collecting the money ( we did it before for some African sql) . Can you advice me- will it be better to send you money and Kalpana will buy essential things for the kids-or maybe we will buy some items and send them? I have no idea but we are able to give this school about 100-200 dollars a month I think so). Please write me what is better or maybe you have another idea??

I' waiting for an answer, because I fell in love with Nepal and I really want to help in some way.

Matrika-you do great job! I'm really happy theat I've found your organisation:))

kisses from Poland-and thin ab it. I'm waiting. bye,

Agnieszka Jochlik, Poland

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