Dr. Zavori Laszlo I stayed for two fantastic months in Nepal. It was rainy
season, but -what to do- the summer is the only season when I have no
university. When I arrived, I was shocked by the so different culture,
but it took only a short time to feel comfortable in the Nepali crowd.
/Matrika helped a lot in this .../ I think that only the first few days
are critical in such a situation, after that everything goes
automatically. On the first week I had some basic language lessons and
we visited every day a different place in and around Kathmandu. After
these I moved to the local family in the village, where also the health
post was. In the family everybody was very friendly and this helped me a
lot to get used to the every day life in Nepal. At the health post the
doctors showed me everything what ever they did, I examined patients,
observed operations. Thanks to the great atmosphere, the 1,5 months I
stayed there was quickly over. During this period when I had any
questions or problems, the VSSN staff did everything to help me, there
was nothing impossible. They even organised my trekking on the last two
weeks! The Nepali people are very kind and friendly; I never had any
conflicts during my stay. So I can only recommend Nepal and VSSN for
everybody, they simply don't let you get bored!

Dr. Zavori Laszlo, Hungary

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