Lonnie Hackett My Time in Nepal:
As I sit down to write about my summer, it’s hard to believe my 12 weeks in Nepal is already over and that views of the Himalayas and rice paddies have transformed into images of highways and cities of America. My experience in Nepal proved to be everything I had hoped for. The trip provided invaluable experience in rural health care, an opportunity to live and work with the local community, and the opportunity to collect the information necessary for completion of a small research project aimed to increase knowledge on medical adherence in rural Nepal.
VSSN was terrific throughout my stay and the program did everything within their power to create a memorable trip. I cannot speak more highly of Mr. Matrika, the coordinator for my trip. Mr. Matrika was always just a phone call away and never ceased to do everything possible to guide me through my stay and overcome obstacles. The members of the health center were always willing to go out of their way to help me bridge the language gap and help me accomplish my goals. The people living in the villages never ceased to be amused when I would try my tongue at Nepali. Their faces would grin as I butchered their pronunciation, and they would laugh every time I would mistake words, such as the time I tried to order kukur (dog) instead of kukhura (chicken) at a restaurant. My Nepali friends laughed and the waiter gave me a funny look, but fortunately the problem was resolved and I wasn’t forced to eat strange tasting “chicken”. With the language program provided by VSSN, persistent teaching from all the people I met during my stay, and with increasingly elaborate hand gestures, I was able to learn a little bit of Nepali and communicate with strangers. This made my trip much more colorful and certainly made for an even more enjoyable experience.
The clinical component of my internship was truly fascinating. The doctors at the health center were incredibly obliging in explaining how the center runs, allowing me to watch various procedures, and even letting me assist in minor procedures. The doctors courteously translated what the patients were saying, which allowed for me to gain a better understanding of the diagnostic aspects of the clinic. I am incredibly grateful for the clinical experience I gained from the trip, for these experiences have had great influence on my career plans.
The friendliness of the people living in the villages was heartwarming, and it is their kindness that ultimately made my trip remarkable. I will miss all of the wonderful people I came to know during my trip and look forward to returning to Nepal in the future. I urge anyone traveling to the region to contact VSSN and to volunteer with their program.

Lonnie Hackett

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