Jenny Lee How are you? I was one of your volunteers with the VSSN program this past January. I was placed with a School in Thecho. I am just writing to touch base as I am planning to revisit Kathmandu through VSSN sometime in the future.

I am also currently considering the option to send some children's books to the orphanage in Thecho (I found that reading resources were quite lacking, as you are well aware) via post. Would you recommend this or is the postal delivery system rather unreliable? Before I left Thamel, I did however drop off some books I had purchased for the orphanage with a Millennium Hotel staff member. I hope you had received them.

Lastly, at the moment, I am preparing to enter a graduate program in Political Science at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I am wondering if it is in any way possible to receive a recommendation letter from you for this purpose. It would help me a great deal and I would appreciate it immensely.

Please let me know.

Thank you

Jenny Lee, Hawai, USA

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