Franceisco and Daniele On my volunteering experience:

My volunteering placement in Pharping (19 km from Kathmandu) was exactly what I was looking for: an opportunity to impact someone’s education and learn about Nepali and Tibetan cultures. Buddhist Learning Centre is a wonderful place for students aged 6-20 to grow and become responsible citizens, although it lacks for what concerns modern education. During my time in Pharping, I felt extremely motivated to leave a significant mark and I attempted to deliver lessons that could be both interesting and useful for students.

The school cannot offer a structured education in science. Volunteers come and go, but only a few of them leave a that is truly effective. I attempted to maximize the contact with technology during classes and I created an archive of learning materials on the school’s computers that students (and future volunteers) will be able to access after my departure (even in the absence of internet connection). By doing this, I put my computing and scientific abilities at the service of the school, hoping that my good will may correspond to good results.

Volunteers who wish to teach in Nepal will hardly find a better place than the Learning Centre: here your help is needed, appreciated and rewarded by the friendliness of monks and students alike.

I really enjoyed the food in the monastery- it was varied throughout the week and had a wonderful mixture of Nepali and Tibetan aspects.

The VSSN Staff were always friendly and welcoming—not only they found the volunteering placement that was most appropriate to my interests, but they also helped me making the most of my time in Nepal. VSSN Staff supported me acclimatizing in Kathmandu at first (a task that is not to be underestimated!), then reaching my school and eventually returning to my home country. They advised me on my visits to Annapurna and to Chitwan; it was very helpful to hear the opinions of experienced Nepali organizers whenever I wanted to explore the country.

- Francessco came with cousin Daniele from Italy, July/Aug 2016adasdasdasasdasddsasdaasdsds

Franceisco and Daniele, Italy

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