I was working as an English teacher at one of the monasteries in a town called Bhaktapur not far from Kathmandu. My day consisted of getting up at a civilised hour, around 9.00am and eating breakfast at a leisurely pace before going to an Internet cafe to send and receive emails. I then spent time looking around that amazing town. It is full of temples and other interesting buildings/architecture. The people are also worth a very big mention. They are warm and friendly and always want to help. Because tourists tend to stick to the main thoroughfares, you will find you will be stared at if you venture into the back streets and out-of-the-way places. The whole experience in this town and beyond is really amazing and I found every day a new and fascinating experience. The teaching was to novice monks in the monastery, and this started in the afternoon. In the early evening I taught to local small businessmen and women who were very keen to learn about all things western, apart from English. After some time I felt like a minor celebrity in the town because so many people knew who I was and greeted me as I walked by. All in all, I rate the experience with a gold star and will go back myself in the near future.

Mr. Arthur Moore, Castle Hill, Australia

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