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Volunteer Services and Support Nepal (VSSN) is one of the most reliable organizations in Nepal, which guarantees to provide the best services. We seriously care about the safety and health issues of every volunteer, providing the most satisfying programs and best available living conditions during your stay. We are eager to involve you in our volunteering programs by being a part of our community. We believe you will have a unique and worthwhile experience with us. The country is rich in culture, architectural wonders and natural beauty, and the diversity of experiences here will be of ever lasting memories. People of Nepal are well-known around the world for their kind nature, positive attitude and friendliness.

We always search for people like you who want to become a volunteer and offer a valuable service to help assist the development and improvement of Nepal by joining various programs in areas as like Health, Education, Community Infrastructure Development, Environment & etc.

VSSN is very much aware of the importance of your pre-placement orientation classes to prepare you before you begin your work as a volunteer. We support you by providing training in Nepali language, culture, work practices and other important tips. 

Doing volunteering work with Volunteer Service and Support Nepal is like combining your holidays with community work and being socially responsible in your travel. Don't miss this unique and rewarding opportunity to gain an invaluable insight into the Nepali way of life which you may never have in your life again.

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Hugely Rewarding

It was a challenge, it was hugely rewarding. I volunteered with VSSN for two months, helping childre...

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Langtang Gosaikunda trek is a great combination of adventure and pilgrimage as we explore the famous...

Everest Base Camp Trekking

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VSSN has got hundreds of positive reviews from our volunteers around the world.

Some of the volunteers were greatly happy to explore Nepal with us.

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  • It was a challenge, it was hugely rewarding.

    Kimberley Smyth, New Zealand (living in the UK)

  • Thanks for making my stay in Nepal comfortable and worthwhile, as well as taking the time to take me around and visit the places on that last day.

    Randy, From USA living in Japan.