Nepali Language Learning

Nepali language is the official National language in Nepal. It is used throughout the Kingdom of Nepal. Language gives you a unique experience. It is said that without learning a language, it is impossible to make anyone's stay and travel successful and enjoyable.
You are lucky that you come to the right place. VSSN has a number of experienced and professional language trainers. It applies a learner-centered teaching method with comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Trainers can be available at learner's convenient time and place.
VSSN has its own designed course book but can be given lessons according to learner's needs and suggestions. VSSN guarantees that the learner can feel the difference and confidence within few hours. We provide short term (hourly basis) and long-term (more than a month) language classes.
1. Classroom based learning

In this phase the language class will be focused on making the trainee comfortable and confident in introducing themselves and preparing for going out to have a conversation with community people.
2. Classroom + Community based learning
VSSN thinks that the learning is done by making conversation with community people sooner or later. So in this phase, classroom and community are used for learning at the same time. For the first hour, the classroom is used for preparing and discussing learners strengths, weaknesses and difficulties, which will likely be faced in the community and then, learner goes to community to practice with the trainer. The learner can learn about different cultural customs and values in the class room, as well as, from the community.
3. Classroom + Family/Village Stay
Learning a language means to adopting oneself to the culture of the target language i.e. one acculturates him or herself in the target language society. Keeping this socio-linguistic principle in mind VSSN believes that village (family) stay is the best part of learning language and culture. They can exploit not only the language, but also get a great opportunity to see and experience real Nepali life styles, Natural beauties, Cultural variation and participating in local festivals.

Course Fee:

2 weeks survival course: US$240
4 Weeks bingers course: US$440
12 Weeks course: US$1240
Physical classes per hour 12$, Online class per hour 10$
Note: These fees includes all learning materials.