Service & Support

VSSN provides following services to our volunteers:
Volunteer Service & Support Nepal is committed to provide enough services and support to the volunteers to make volunteers stay/work smooth and satisfactory though we have limited facilities in the country. VSSN provides volunteers orientation and training as an introduction to volunteering in Nepal. We support a number of projects in the community, and with the help of program fee paid by volunteers we are trying to make a difference. VSSN programs are trying to ensure that your stay in the placement is a positive experience for all - people, place and the environment. Please see below more about our trainings and services.

  1. Every volunteer receives classes in Nepali language and culture, including visits to major cultural areas, historical places and shopping areas around Kathmandu. During this training period, volunteers will be provided at least 3 hours of classes and after training other activities such as sight seeing, visiting festivals and ceremonies with the help of the language teachers or office staffs.
  2. Basic information on the education system, culture, survival guidance, caste system in Nepal and recent political changes. Hand outs or books are distributed to all volunteers, if this is required.
  3. An instruction class will be held about the transportation and hiking trails around the working area. Our staff member can also assist you to organize your other plans as like trekking, tour, flights, rafting etc.
  4. A meeting will be organized among host family, VSSN staffs and volunteer before starting the volunteering work, volunteers can ask several questions during the meeting.
  5. VSSN will make a tentative itinerary of the daily program as soon as volunteers arrive to the placement.
  6. For health participants VSSN provides an initiation into Nepali health practices, history of the health institution and present health situation.
  7. VSSN always chooses very safe place to stay and work. Volunteers are welcome to contact anytime on phone or on cell phones during their entire stay to receive support from VSSN staffs.

All trainings and orientation is focused on preparing volunteers for understanding about cultural differences, increasing the ability of adaptation of the daily life and society to function and contribute towards development process.


During Training:

During the orientation and training, volunteers will stay in a hotel or host family near in Kathmandu which is about 5km north west from the Airport. Accommodation is included in the program fee but for few days volunteers will cover their own food if they stay in hotel. Each volunteer will be provided single room with attached bath room. Hotel/host family has hot shower facilities.

During Placement:

At the placement each volunteer lives with a local family as a member of the family and receives a separate room with basic furniture. VSSN finds best host families to make volunteer's stay smooth. The families have received orientation on western habits. Families provide two main meals a day, the day time meal will be a light snacks, for drinking - boiled water will be available. The typical Nepalese meal is 'daal, bhaat, tarkaari' (lentil soup, rice and vegetables) also other food like noodles, 'roti' (flat round bread) and different kinds of seasonal fruits and vegetables are eaten. You will be eating the same food as the family eats everyday. Electricity is available and phone/ internet service will be accessed close by the village. Every Saturdays you will have a day off, as all Nepali do.