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How your program starts and ends?

If you are willing to join with us you can fill form, we will reply you within 24 hours. You can also send us US$ 100 (Via PayPal) as advance payment which confirms your participation.

As we know your arrival date with flight details, we arrange your airport pick up, we will provide full information of airport pick up. From airport you will arrive to your host family, we provide best accommodation.

One day orientation is mandatory, during orientation you will receive full description about your program. We'll take you for sight seeing during orientation days (normally two days), we will take you to your placement where you will work, with VSSN your volunteering will be very smooth.

If you want to stay extra days to participate in leisure program, we can also arrange your Trek, Tour and other fun and adventure programs, we have posted some of the activities in our website but we can arrange much more according to your interests.

What happens after finishing the program? There will be feed-back session, we will provide experience certificate. Farewell dinner. At the end we will take you to the airport.